On Salzburg, Austria

Population: 150,269
Euro (€)

Famous Landmarks: the Alpine setting, setting for the musical and film The Sound of Music, Birthplace of the great classical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mirabell Gardens, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Dom Cathedral, Salzburg Gnome and Dwarf Garden

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The hills are indeed truly alive in Salzburg, Austria. A small city that has maintained its old town, quaint feel, picturesque scenery and lovely settings for strolling. It is rated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site for preserving its architecture dating as far back as the middle ages. Every angle is picture perfect in this lovely city.

German is its official language but 5 other languages are spoken as a minority namely: Turkish, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian and English. Salzburg is synonymous with Mozart and the you can feel and see it everywhere from museums, stores, chocolate shops paying homage to Mozart and his music.Despite its beauty and elegance, Salzburg isn’t too

tourist friendly warns an article on 10 things NOT to do in Salzburg or How not to be yelled at in Salzburg cafes. But my sis and her boyfriend survived it on their last stop during their backpacking tour. Still, makes me want to skip Austria in my future European escapade! Any locals want to disagree on the not-too-great articles?

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