On Amsterdam, Capital City of The Netherlands

Population: 1,021,870

Currency: Euro (€)

Famous Landmarks: the Red Light District, the “coffeeshops”, the canals, Anne Frank House, Heineken Brewery, Royal Palace, Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum, Python Bridge, Kalvetoren Mall, Skydome, Rijks Museum, Historic Port


Board of Tourism website of Amsterdam
The Internet Guide to Amsterdam
The Lonely Planet Guide to Amsterdam

This is one for the books! Amsterdam is the only place in the world where prostitution is legal and is out in the open. Here is the city where the term red-light district was first coined. Yes, the sex industry is flourishing here and is its primary tourism. If that’s not for you (well, it’s not for me!), some of us coffee lovers may really want to hang out in their coffee shops because one can freely buy cannabis aka marijuana with your coffee, without going to jail for it!

This is the third leg of the European backpacking tour my sis and her boyfriend took in 2004.

Anybody want to join me on a trip to Amsterdam, say three years from today?! For now Amsterdam people, send me a postcard or two (I know, asking for a pack of cannabis would be much to ask so I’ll settle for a postcard! :0)

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