To answer common questions I encounter, this section hopefully will cover it all.

  1. What is your blog all about? I am a postcard collector and my goal is to link and feature other blogs upon getting an actual postcard from them. I hope that I can receive as many postcards the post office can handle and that I can cover all seven continents. There are over 6.6 billion people in the planet, and over 70 million and counting weblogs. That’s millions of possibilities for this blog! I’ll take it one postcard at a time…
  2. What kind of postcard should I send?ANY! The more creative you show your blog on the postcard, the better! Remember, we are showing this to the blogosphere. It could be something you made from scratch or could be something bought at the store. The size may be 3×5, 4×6 or 5×7 in inches, rectangular shaped. Octagon? sure! Circle? Why not? The design is up to you- could be a postcard showing the beauty of your country, a caricature, a comic character, some sayings, art works… ANY!
  3. What kind of blogs are allowed for linking with your site?The Postcard Collector blog is strictly wholesome in a sense that it will NOT accept any blogs that promote gambling, alcohol, guns, violence, tobacco, sex, nudity, hate, racism and discrimination. The blog may not be offensive in any way to race, gender, sex or institution. If your blog falls in any of the category listed, please do not send me a postcard for linking. I apologize now, I can not post or link it.
  4. I don’t have a blog, can I still send you a postcard?Of course! I will be most happy to receive it and I will still feature it on my blog. A stamp on it for postage NOT the metered stamps would be even better, adds character to the postcard! 😉
  5. Will you send back a postcard?If you place a return address, I will send you a postcard in reply.
  6. I don’t want you to show my return address online nor my name. Can you do that?I certainly can! The power of erase feature in photoshop should take care of that. 🙂
  7. I still have a question unanswered. What now?

    For further guidance and help, you can always email me at: thepostcardcollector[at]gmail[dot]com.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THIS PROJECT. I am eagerly awaiting your postcards! Let the linking begin…

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