Other than the obvious that I am a postcard collector, I am also a collector of all sorts of rubbish- mostly from paper- gazillion magazines, souvenir programs, cut out article from somewhere, tons of photos, travel guide/booklets, used plane tickets, greeting cards, very old letters, train stubs, ticket stubs from concerts, broadway shows, and yes even movie theater tickets! I am a fire hazard I know that!
I also have the habit of collecting stuff for other people: I collect stamps for my dad, pins/buttons and gift cards for my lil’ sis, patches for my bro-in-law, keychains for my other sis, magnets for my mom, shot glasses and thimbles for my eldest sis, junk id cards and stickers for my nieces.
I have a collection of watches-mostly given yet I don’t wear one! The baseball caps I have are piling up, books are still aplenty! I have a 250GB external hard drive FULL of digital photos and personal videos and counting!
On a serious note, I like to add that I am foremost a collector of life and its experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly. Join me in my modest project so I may enrich my collection and put meaning to some of it… Thank you for stopping by.

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