Postcard Series 6: Hurdegaryp, The Netherlands

Population: Hurdegaryp- about 5,000/ Province of Friesland: 642,000
Currency:Euro (€)
Languages: Dutch (official) Frisian (official) The language of the people of the Northern Friesland province.

Famous Landmarks: The Frisian Brewery, Aquaverium, beaches, Four sailing and fishing areas: inland waterways, the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. The largest fleet in Europe: traditional sailing ships, (motor) yachts, open motorboats, open sailing boats, fishing boats and ships designed for cruises and sea fishing

Official Website of Hurdegaryp
The Lonely Planet Guide to the Netherlands
Friesland Holland Tourist Information
Friesland Web Portal

(Collector’s Note: So nice to hear from you! Thank you for joining in my little project. I’m getting alot of visits on this site– if only those visits will turn into postcards! 🙂 I hope it will pick up after the holidays… Cheers to you!)

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